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For Wash-Bucket.

Grit Guard insert has proven to significantly reduce wash-induced micro scratches.
Fits Swissvax Wash-Buckets and Smart Bucket (folding bucket).
Four quadrant-design  calms wash water at the bottom of the bucket.
Grid prevents a re-contamination of the wash mitt with dirt.

The Grit Guard Insert provides excellent protection against wash-induced swirls by keeping grit at the bottom of the wash bucket. Four quadrants at the base of the Grit Guard insert calm your wash water and help to settle dirt at the bottom of the bucket so your wash water stays cleaner. And when you re-wet your Waschpudel (wash mitt) the grid prevents a re-contamination with dirt. The revolutionary Grit Guard insert has proven to significantly reduce wash-induced micro scratches and swirl marks. It also fits our folding 5 gallon Smart Bucket (folding bucket for travels).

And ... Grit Guard is a great and inexpensive gift idea for every car enthusiast!

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